A relaxed and friendly place to chat for the over 60s

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natter is growing and developing around the Diocese of Sheffield and beyond. natter is a simple, effective, lightweight and low maintenance way of reducing isolation among the over 60s and giving opportunity to connect to Christian faith. To start a natter group you need a team of 3 or 4 people, the backing of your church leadership and a chat with our natter advisor. If you feel that you would like to explore setting up a natter group at your church please read the 'About natter' section below and then email John at nattersheffield@gmail.com

about natter

  natter began as an initiative of STC Sheffield (St Thomas Crookes) in March 2010. natter aims to reduce isolation among the over 60s by creating a welcoming community where people can make new friends. natter is open to anyone of all faiths or none and the natter meeting has no religious elements to it. natter does give people the opportunity to discover or rediscover the Christian faith through optional extras such as natter+ and natter with God. Since October 2014 the natter project has been rolling out natter around the diocese of Sheffield supported by the Diocesan Grants Committee and the Sheffield Church Burgesses Trust.

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